Welcome to the Next Generation of Job Recruitment


Whether you are a recruiter or a job seeker, you know that the process of finding a job is changing dramatically.

The growth of social media, increasing mobile access and changes in our global work culture are making job recruitment more transparent and proactive. Where as once the recruitment process was pretty linear and predictable, today recruitment happens constantly and takes lots of forms.

More than ever, social media networks have become a key forum for finding and hiring qualified employees.

We all know how popular social networks have become. Here are just a few numbers: Of the 1.06 billion monthly active users who make up Facebook’s international network, there are 618 million daily active users. LinkedIn has about 200 million registered users with some 2.7 million companies.

Clever companies are already finding ways to reach these many millions by changing the way they think about recruitment and revamping the way they recruit. They’re discovering that there are ways to reach a huge base of untapped talent using social networking. They’re also reaching out to their own employees and creating new kinds of corporate communities, making their employees active partners in the process.

For example, a policy of encouraging employees to recommend their friends is an excellent example of the smart usage of a company network. Through this method, organizations recruit quality candidates and create deeper bonds with current staff.

We at Tomigo are excited about this new recruiting concept. Tomigo is a technologically innovative social recruiting platform that leverages a company’s social connections to hire top talent. It also enables employees to take an active part in the recruiting process. Finally, it allows for real time information flow between all parties involved, keeping track of all the players in a seamless way.

Tomigo was tailored for today’s recruitment culture and we believe in the possibilities still ahead for all of us. This blog is our way of contributing to new trends and providing information to our colleagues and friends. We’ll share fresh ideas, tips and tools for reaching high-level candidates and talk about the latest trends in social media networking, corporate culture and HR.

And we want to hear from you! Share your recruitment expertise with us and tell us about the challenges you face.

Bye for now amigos!


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