Advice for the Paralyzed Candidate: Your Life is Waiting!

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By Will Thomson, Bulls Eye Recruiting

As an eWill Thomson  picxperienced recruiter with many years in the industry, I know there are some people I just can’t help. Why? They aren’t willing to help themselves. Their career history and qualifications have nothing to do with it. I know they could do anything they want. The fact is that deep down they don’t want to make a change.

I call these people “Paralyzed Candidates”. I am not referring to physical capabilities. Such individuals get comfortable and are scared to make a change. I understand it. You can clock in and clock out and you know what to expect every day. You have a salary that you are comfortable with, and you know when you are going to take time off for your vacation every year.

But somewhere deep inside, you are discontent. You are not happy with the direction of the company, the management, the salary, and your coworkers. You just don’t feel challenged anymore. How do I know you are not content? I’ll tell you. I hear it from you all the time! It could be yearly or daily, but I know you are miserable.

My advice to the Paralyzed Candidate. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you gave it a try. If you stay on good terms, you can always return or look for something else.

Here are 10 things you are missing if you are the Paralyzed Candidate:

1: Happiness. Say it with me. Happiness! Do you love your job? I honestly can say I do. Do you dread waking up in the morning? C’mon. Life is too short, so snap out of it; there is grass greener on the other side. I promise!  I’d love to see a smile on your face. I’m pulling for you!

2: Challenges. Once you make that change, you will be tested. Things may not be easy, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Aren’t you sick of the TPS reports?

3: Meeting new people. Your network expand and you will be exposed to various ideas and views that you haven’t thought of if you stayed with your current company.

4: Learning new technologies. You will be a dinosaur if you don’t learn a new software and expand your technical expertise.

5: Potentially more money. Have you hit the glass ceiling with your current company? Someone out there is looking for an individual with your skill set.

6: Career advancement.  Are you at an organization where you simply can’t move at all? You work with a company that offered absolutely no movement. Your manager has been in the same role for 30 years and he/she isn’t leaving anytime soon. So why again are you staying at this place?!

7: Better hours. Are you working nights or weekends? Sounds miserable to me. I sold houses for years on the weekends and had no life. Do you travel seven days a week? Want your life back? Take control.

8: Shorter commute. Do you spend hours in your car commuting? Is it affecting your family and personal life? There is no reason to spend half your life in a car.

9: Better work-life balance. Do you know some companies offer a flexible workforce – even telecommuting?  Yes; it is new. More companies are offering it than not. It is amazing!

10: You could be a part of the next big thing. There are a number of companies out there with some really great ideas.  They could change the world. Would you like to be a part of the team that started Facebook or Twitter? The next great idea is just around the corner and you could be a part of it!

If you fall into the category of a “paralyzed candidate,” I hereby challenge you. If you have evaluated all of your options and have come to the conclusion that the company you work for is not fulfilling you, stop complaining and get active. You will be a different person. The above advice is something you already know and have known. Hopefully I have helped you get out of your  ‘career wheelchair’. Good luck!

blog_signAbout the Author: Will Thomson has lived in Austin, Texas his whole life. He is a husband and father of two, and has been in recruitment and sales for 18 years. He has worked for companies such as Aerotek, Balfour, Rainmaker, Dell, and most recently Ebay. He received his undergraduate from The University of Mississippi, and his Master’s Degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin. Thomson has recruited some of the most sought after talent around the globe, and is a regular blogger for the recruitment industry. His writings are exclusively about past experiences and what he has learned from them. Thomson’s message: ” I want others to live their life to their fullest potential. I want you to hit the bull’s eye. I give career advice to help others find their dream job and everyday happiness. I truly want you to get it right, the first time.,”


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