Your Perfect Job is in Your Pocket!


Some of you are at work, some of you are in a car or using public transport and others are simply doing your own thing, but all whilst reading this article – the likelihood of it being read on your mobile device is very high! As sad as it sounds, our phones are always by our side!

As a result of the mobile device being everyone’s new ‘best buddy’, we can see that to get a message across in this day and age, and to make everyday life easier for the end user – one needs to be able to access most aspects of our life through our phone. Just to prove the point more, HubSpot, shows that 91 percent of smartphone users have their device within reach 24 hours a day!

Although there are more people with phones than those that have jobs, over 60% of those that hold a satisfactory job, are open to pursuing new opportunities. As the saying goes ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. Employers are always on the look out for good talent and potential employees are always looking for great Employers. Without having a mobile recruitment search platform, one is effectively giving up on more than half of the potential talent and great jobs out there.

According to “Beyond” 77% of job seekers are using mobile job search apps. This number of applicants using mobile devices to find and apply for new job prospects is growing exponentially; more so in the international market, as the mobile device is sometimes the only access people have to the Internet.

According to Aberdeen research, “Social and Mobile Computing, enables organizations to provide their end-uses the experience that is connect (social), everywhere they go (mobile), with access to data whenever and wherever it’s needed (cloud).” A site or app that combines social, mobile and cloud is tough to come across, although there are some platforms that are finally managing to link all these together, such as Tomigo. Tomigo has developed the recipe of using one’s existing employees and their social networks to recruit new talent. Not only are Employers such as Siemens, L’oreal and Reuters to name a few, using this new social recruiting solution but their employees are enjoying rewards for linking their bosses to new employees they introduce.

At the end of the day – the main goal of a company is to hire exceptional talent. As Steve Job said, ‘A-players like to work only with other A-players’. Cracking into the social network of existing successful employees, allows the company to find more “A team” players suited to that Company’s culture. In order to achieve this goal of exceptional talent, the need for more interaction, more communities, stronger social branding/rewards and the capability to search, apply and receive jobs alerts is necessary on mobile devices. Tomigo has cracked this nut.

So hopefully by now each one of you has scrolled down your “new best buddy” – your mobile device and realized that the future of recruitment, from both the recruiter and the job seeker’s point view, is that of the smart phone!

Tomigo Mobile

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