A Social Recruiting Success Story

Oshrat Mualam

Oshrat Halamish Mualam
Director of Recruiting Sources, Matrix

Matrix, one of Israel’s leading IT companies, is commited to hiring the best and the brightest.

As a software development company that provides and implements IT solutions for clients, its success depends on human resources.

Oshrat Halamish Mualam, Matrix’s director of recruiting sources, knows this and has learned to think creatively about recruiting methods that can bring quality staff on board quickly and inexpensively. According to Mualam, social media is an important forum for future recruiting growth.

“In addition to recruitment by conventional means, such as headhunters, job websites, etc., Matrix is expanding recruitment via social media. That is our objective for the next few years,” she said.

Their decision to recruit via social media led Matrix to start working with Tomigo, a tool that helps companies leverage their employees’ social network connections to find and hire top talent. With one click, Matrix employees share jobs on social networks, while the company tracks all activities and grants rewards for successful shares and hires.

Gilad Shemesh, a web system tester at Matrix, now uses the Tomigo system daily to send information about open jobs at Matrix to his social network connections. A number of them have been interviewed and hired as a result.

According to Mualam, the company has succeeded in recruiting many qualified candidates through Tomigo. “We achieved the goals we set for ourselves. Tomigo offers us a tool for managing friend referrals in a way that is transparent to employees and integrates them as full partners in the recruitment process,” she said.

For his part, Shemesh said that helping his talented friends find jobs gives him a feeling of “satisfaction,” and he also said he feels it has strengthened his connection to the company.

“For us this is a “win-win” situation. It provides the recruiter with a cutting-edge tool for recruitment on the web, and it gives the employee a tool to manage available job offerings,” said Mualam.

Win-win. Successful recruiters. Happy employees. That sounds like Tomigo!

Bye for now amigos!



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